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of laboratory tubes

All tubes - One device

The LAB-BOT-ONE processes a wide variety of laboratory tubes
from HPLC vials to 50ml centrifuge tubes
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The LAB-BOT-ONE is capable of labeling typical laboratory tubes such as HPLC and cryo vials, up to 50 ml centrifuge tubes, without any modification to the device. The integrated printing module allowing the application of high-resolution labels directly onto the tubes. Unlike other competitors on the market, there's no need to distinguish between small and large tubes when purchasing. It's a versatile solution for your lab labeling needs.

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The LAB-BOT-ONE not only transports various types of tubes but also opens and closes screw cap tubes. Thanks to the integrated peristaltic pump system, tubes of different types can be precisely filled. The dosing needle moves according to the liquid level in the tube to prevent droplet formation and aerosol generation. Different tube diameters allow for dosing of various volumes with high accuracy. This filling can be done in parallel with labeling, saving time and additional transport processes.

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The determination of sample weights is a crucial yet time-consuming step in laboratory workflows. Each step, from placing the tubes on the scale to waiting for stabilization and transferring weight values, adds up to significant time expenditure. The LAB-BOT-ONE optimizes this process by eliminating manual interventions and ensuring consistent and precise results. Thus, it offers a reliable solution for determining the weight of hundreds of samples.

What is LAB-BOT-ONE?

The LAB-BOT-ONE is a versatile assistant for any laboratory handling tubes and vials. Thanks to its flexible deck configuration, users can customize the device to accommodate the selection of tube types being processed. With its open design and compact dimensions, the device not only fits on any lab bench but can also be easily placed in a fume hood or under a laminar flow hood. Its simple operation via any web browser on the network makes the device ideal for workgroups and daily routine tasks.


What are the key features of the LAB-BOT-ONE

The following features make the LAB-BOT-ONE the ideal solution for laboratories seeking increased efficiency and safety in processing their samples in tubes and vials:
It is capable of handling various types of tubes and vials commonly used in laboratories, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and different work steps.
Compact Design
With its compact dimensions, the LAB-BOT-ONE can fit on any lab bench and can also be easily placed in a fume hood or under a laminar flow hood, maximizing space efficiency.
Easy Operation
The device can be operated via any web browser on the network, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless control and monitoring without the need for additional computer systems. The system works like a network printer.
Reliable Performance
The LAB-BOT-ONE delivers consistent and precise results, reducing errors and improving the accuracy of sample processing.
The LAB-BOT-ONE is perfectly suited for seamless integration thanks to its compact dimensions, open design, and clear software API. Whether it's software integration, such as with a LIMS, or hardware connectivity, such as with a pipetting robot, the LAB-BOT-ONE provides optimal conditions for successful integration into various work environments.
The LAB-BOT-ONE is a product rather than an automation project. We offer it as a serial device with minimal modifications. For setup and operation, only electricity is required; there's no need for additional conditions such as a compressed air connection. Additionally, there's no extra effort required for the evaluation and administration of control computers.
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With our expertise in developing cutting-edge technologies, we have designed the LAB-BOT-ONE to streamline sample processing workflows and enhance efficiency in laboratory environments.
From concept to implementation, we are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the demands of our customers and contribute to their success in achieving their goals.
LABOTIQ originated from the engineering firm PETERS technologies GmbH, leveraging our expertise in the development and construction of laboratory devices, encompassing both specialized machines and serial devices, for research and medical applications.
Our founder and CEO, Dirk Peters, brings over 25 years of experience in the field of laboratory automation. Key milestones in his career include roles at Bruker Daltonics, Sarstedt (biostep), and HTI Automation, which have all contributed to the development of LABOTIQ.
At our present location in Leipzig/Plagwitz, Germany, we benefit from optimal conditions for manufacturing our innovative LAB-BOT-ONE and developing other products.
In doing so, we operate as a small core team collaborating closely and maximally productively with various experts and companies from diverse fields.
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