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of laboratory tubes

… is a universal assistant for any laboratory that processes tubes and vials. Whether you need to label just a few tubes, determine the weight of multiple tubes, or even fill tubes, the LAB-BOT-ONE is your valued team member. With just a few clicks, it starts working, allowing you to focus on important tasks or simply call it a day.

… to be easy to use and to fits into any laboratory environment. Its intuitive user interface allows even inexperienced users to operate it efficiently. The high precision and reliability of the LAB-BOT-ONE ensure consistent quality in every application. Additionally, the device is easy to maintain and durable, making it a worthwhile investment for any laboratory.

… of the LAB-BOT-ONE is its flexibility. It can be adapted to different requirements and tasks, making it a versatile tool in daily lab work. Whether handling small series or large batches, the LAB-BOT-ONE excels in every challenge.

… the LAB-BOT-ONE enhances safety in the laboratory. By automating routine tasks, it reduces the risk of human error and minimizes contact with potentially hazardous substances. Thus, it ensures not only efficiency but also a higher level of safety for laboratory personnel.

…, the LAB-BOT-ONE helps you optimize workflows and increase productivity in the lab. Discover the possibilities and benefits that the LAB-BOT-ONE offers your laboratory, and experience a new dimension of lab automation.

All processes

ONE device

The LAB-BOT-ONE handles the labeling, filling, and weighing of laboratory tubes
with ease and precision.


All kind of tubes

ONE device

The LAB-BOT-ONE handles a wide range of laboratory tubes
from HPLC vials to 50 ml centrifuge tubes.

Here are a few examples.

Reasons for the LAB-BOT-ONE

With our expertise in developing cutting-edge technologies, we have designed the LAB-BOT-ONE to streamline sample processing workflows and enhance efficiency in laboratory environments.
From concept to implementation, we are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the demands of our customers and contribute to their success in achieving their goals.
LABOTIQ originated from the engineering firm PETERS technologies GmbH, leveraging our expertise in the development and construction of laboratory devices, encompassing both specialized machines and serial devices, for research and medical applications.
Our founder and CEO, Dirk Peters, brings over 25 years of experience in the field of laboratory automation. Key milestones in his career include roles at Bruker Daltonics, Sarstedt (biostep), and HTI Automation, which have all contributed to the development of LABOTIQ.
At our present location in Leipzig/Plagwitz, Germany, we benefit from optimal conditions for manufacturing our innovative LAB-BOT-ONE and developing other products.
In doing so, we operate as a small core team collaborating closely and maximally productively with various experts and companies from diverse fields.
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